Oswald the Lucky Rabbit is now a playable character
Just in time for the 4th of July, Oswald the Lucky Rabbit has been added as a playable character as a reward for passing the new Oswald the Lucky Rabbit bonus level! Available now on all platforms: PlayStation, Xbox, Windows, Steam
Rubber Hose Rampage introduces Oswald the Lucky Rabbit!
The first free bonus level “Oswald the Lucky Rabbit” is now live. This boss level includes three phases of crazy wacky fun. Can you beat Oswald?
Now Available On Steam!
After 75 long days under review, Steam finally got around to approving Rubber Hose Rampage for release! As a reward for your patience, there is a 10% off launch discount for the next 7 days. Order now: Also available on PlayStation’s PS5 here: Also available For Xbox and the Windows store here:
Rubber Hose Rampage now on PS5!
Rubber Hose Rampage has passed certification to be released on PlayStation’s PS5. The PlayStation store page is now live: it to your Wishlist now! FYI: The release date will probably be April 4th for North and South America and will release in other regions a day or so later.
Rubber Hose Rampage is now available For Xbox and Windows computers!
The game is only $4.99. Check it out:
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  • February 1, 2024
Lewis Carroll’s Alice is now available on Steam and the Xbox store!
The game is only $2.99. Buy now! BUY NOW STEAM        BUY NOW XBOX STORE
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